Why Organic?

What is organic?

Organic produce is grown naturally and traditionally, without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. It is free of genetically modified organisms or any additives.

Organic farming thus ensures healthy produce that is free of any harmful substances for the human body. It is also guarantees that the land and its surrounding environment are respected at all stages of production.


Health and environmental benefits of organic

Organic food is what’s best for human wellbeing, regardless of age and fitness. Because organic food is free of any harmful chemical substances or genetically modified organisms, it nourishes while respecting the natural functions of the body. It is understood that an organic diet contributes to a better lifestyle and can help reducing the risk of contracting lethal and chronic diseases.

As the conservation of our planet is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, organic production comes as a solution to the problem. By promoting and enhancing biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity, organic agriculture helps restore previous damage and ensure a better environment for generations present and future.