Tomato Pasta with Plenty of Sardines

Serves 2 person

Ingredient Quantity
Ibaraki Tomato Sauce boiled 155g 1 can
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dolce 250ml 1 tablespoon
Garlic (choppped) 1 teaspoon
Tomatoes (square cut) 2 pieces
Water 150cc
Sunen Resort Suzura small grain 500g 1 teaspoon
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Organic spaghetti 350g 160g
Black pepper Reasonable amount
Parsley Reasonable amount
Powdered cheese Reasonable amount
Lemon Reasonable amount


Here's the ingredients you are using:

Tomato Pasta with Pleanty of Sardines


  1. Heat olive oil in frying pan and fry garlic. If scent appears, add tomato and stir fry tomato until tomato peel off.
  2. Add ayumu sardines tomato sauce simmer together with tomato sauce and fry it with loosening. Add water, salt and sugar, cook well until the tomatoes collapse, and make tomato sauce.
  3. Add boiled spaghetti and leave the sauce whole.
  4. Serve in the vessel, scrub black pepper, parsley, powdered cheese from above and squeeze lemon.