Spaghetti Pad Thai

Serves 2 person

Ingredient Quantity
Alce Nero Spaghetti 250g
Alce Nero Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
Garlic, chopped 3 cloves
Chicken meat (sliced and marinated with 1 tsp corn flour, fish sauce, sugar and chilli flakes) 300g
Prawns (marinated with 1 tsp sugar) 100g
Tamarind paste 50g
Water 100ml
Chilli padi, sliced 4 stalks
Brown sugar 2 tbsp
Chicken stock granules 1 tsp
Fish sauce 2-3 tbsp
Beansprout 150g
Kuchai chives, cut into 2cm lengths 50g


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Spaghetti Pad Thai


  1. Heat Alce Nero extra virgin olive oil in a wok, saute the chopped garlic until fragrant adding the marinated chicken meat and prawns.
  2. Add the tamarind juice, brown sugar, chicken stock granules, chilli padi amd fish sauce.
  3. Return the cooked Alce Nero spaghetti into the wok, adding lastly the chives and beansprouts. Adjust salt & sugar to taste, turning off heat.
  4. Top with garnishing ingredients, squeeze in the lime juice before serving.