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Organic Beverages  
Organic Beverages

Alce Nero fruit juices are preservative free and obtained by processing fresh fruit only: pears from Emilia Romagna, apricots from Basilicata and apples from Trentino. The fruit is processed within 12 hours of being picked. They are fresh, thirst-quenching drinks, excellent as a children’s snack but also for adults before and after sports to replenish the body with minerals and sugars. The 100% juices, available in apple or pear flavour, are obtained by squeezing 5 apples or 5 pears without the addition of any other ingredients.

Alce Nero organic coffee comes from plants grown in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Peru. Our farmers grow coffee plants at altitudes of over 1500 meters. After being picked, the beans are roasted and blended so as to obtain coffee with a distinctive aroma and smooth flavour. In the Alce Nero range you can find both coffee for traditional coffee makers and coffee pods or coffee powder for espresso machines.

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• Hong Kong : Arabic 18 coffee, Arabic Expresso, Arabic Mocha, Apple juice and Pear Juice
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